You Will Raise More Major Gifts If You Do This 1 Thing Consistently

If you want to raise more major gifts – especially during our disrupted world of 2020 – the path is simple:

Invite more prospective donors to make them.

That’s it.

Sure, you can fret all you’d like over the impacts of the pandemic. You can spend your time commiserating with colleagues about the disruptions caused by social justice protests.  You can worry yourself and others sick by projecting potential negative impacts of our current and very divisive election cycle (at least in the U.S.).

Or, you can embrace the concept that your work is not to solve those concerns directly and recommit yourself to inviting more donors to give generously.

Even with all the headwinds of today’s environment, the institutions that are continuing to raise significant major gifts are those with gift officers continuing to grind – even from a distance.

Yes, they are being creative with outreach and engagement.  Yes, they are using technology in ways none of us really were just 8 months ago.  Yes, they are working from home while trying to educate children and manage daily life differently.

But, the simple fact is that they haven’t stopped personally inviting donors to give generously.  And the results and research are clear:  They are being rewarded for their perseverance.


(Inspiration credit for this post goes to my longtime friend, consulting colleague and business partner, Chad Jolly.  Chad remains one the sharpest minds in the advancement field today and I always come away from interactions with him feeling just a bit smarter.)


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