Owners and Renters

If you want your organization to thrive, you must understand the differences between owners and renters.

Owners see a future filled with upgrades, enhancements, and advancements. They envision the organization growing, quality improving, and more constituents being served.  They see opportunities for more value to be added because they receive an intrinsic return.  They are invested.

Renters, on the other hand, see and report problems.   They wait for others to fix these problems, usually complaining that it is taking too long or that it isn’t being fixed right.  It is not in their interest to solve problems creatively.  They continually negotiate with the organization in order to get the best possible terms for themselves (shorter hours, longer vacations, more pay, etc.).  They do this because they do not view themselves fully as part of the organization.  They aren’t invested.

The more owners you have the more energy, willingness, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial activity you experience.  Coming to work is, on most days, fun.  With more renters comes negativity and a lack of creativity.  Work is filled with more problems than solutions.

Is your organization’s culture an ownership culture or a rental culture? Better yet, what will you do today to encourage more renters to become owners?


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