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Mission Or Method

If your goal is to increase the amount of gift income you receive, you can: Ask new prospective donors to give for the first time; Ask past donors to give again; Ask current donors to give more. Those, really, are the only methods (or some combination of these 3) to increase gift income.  Developing plans […]


Believers vs. Everybody

Believers in your institution’s mission give consistently.  Everybody won’t do that. Believers in your institution’s vision for the future invest charitably.  Everybody won’t do that. Believers in the leadership and values practiced at your institution remember you through their estates.  Everybody won’t do that. As advancement professionals, our job is not to invite everybody to […]


This Next Year. . . And Beyond

Today marks the first work day of 2020.  And, while there is some measure of confusion, today also marks the first work day of the new decade – the decade of the ’20s.  Every New Year holiday brings with it the time and opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future.  A […]