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Best Practices or Best Thinking?

As an advancement professional, you see the hackneyed phrase, “best practices” a ton.  Professional development opportunities tout the teaching of “best practices” for this advancement function or that one.  Members of your team may spend time benchmarking other shops to identify, “best practices.”  Perhaps even you have sought or are seeking the silver-bulleted “best practices” […]


3 Steps To Increasing “Donor Durability”

Some number of your major gift donors are what I would term “durable.”  They are the ones who continue to give (often generously) regardless of their own personal and financial circumstances;  they are the ones who are deeply committed to your mission;  they are the ones who show up when you need it most;  and […]


2020 Philanthropy Predictions – Part III

Below is the third installment in the four-part series devoted to philanthropy predictions for the 2010-2019 decade.  Part I focused on how technology will change our work over the next 10 years, while Part II focused on the ways donor expectations and the regulatory environment will impact our work.  Part III focuses on major gift […]


Good Money After Good

The news lately has been filled with stories of huge investments.  A few weeks ago we learned that Warren Buffett invested $26 billion to buy Burlington Northern Sante Fe railroad. And then last week the parents of founder, Jeff Bezos, announced a $10 million gift to the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center in Seattle. […]