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Making A Real Difference: Moving Beyond “Metrics” to Strengthening a “Community of Giving”

As a consultant, not a week of client work passes without someone, somewhere asking me about “metrics.”  This word, “metrics,” has come to be used in so many ways that it is beginning to be difficult to understand exactly what people mean when they bring up the topic.  For instance, metrics can mean, “a tool […]


Your Passion Matters

“Our alumni just don’t come back for Homecoming at our institution like they do at other places.” “We’ve never had a strong turn-out for our donor recognition event.” “Our Board members just don’t give like they should.  It hasn’t been part of our culture for our Board members to play a significant role in soliciting […]


The Diminishing Value of Answers

It used to be that answers were power.  Answers were not only important, in and of themselves, but they represented something valuable – the capacity and the willingness to problem-solve.  If you had the answers, you would have the advantage, in part because you were better at problem-solving.  You would get the best scholarships to […]