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Institutional Addictions

We all understand the concept of addiction in individuals.  The idea is that an individual is caught in a web of bad decision-making that, even when the person understands the decisions they are making are bad for them, they still make them.  When a person is addicted, he or she will go to great lengths […]


A Willingness To Be Transformed

Your best donors are those who believe deeply in your mission.  They believe so sincerely that, in most instances, your most significant donors are those who encourage others to give as well.  Perhaps they host an event for your institution.  Or perhaps they speak publicly or privately about why they give.  Or perhaps, they are […]


5 Important Tasks of a “Working Board”

Occasionally, I confidently am told by education or non-profit governing board members that they serve on a “working board.”  This statement is most often uttered as the follow-up to another less self-confident admission – namely that the board is not one that focuses on the topic of philanthropy. During these conversations, I am reminded that […]