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21 Advancement Truths

The success of your ask was determined during the cultivation. Donors don’t give to institutions, they give through institutions. And they give through institutions to people they trust. Doing the fundamentals consistently is “the silver bullet.” Generous people don’t grow tired of giving, they grow tired of being solicited. When it is time to ask, […]


AIM To Communicate Effectively

If your goal is to educate, engage, and delight more donors, friends, supporters, or funders through communication vehicles, ask yourself if the AIM of your message is on point.  For every written solicitation, every webpage, every special events invitation, every magazine article, and every newsletter story, etc., ask yourself if what you are communicating is: […]


Annual Giving and Major Giving: Key Distinctions

If you want to enjoy strong results through your annual giving program, you should focus on educating/reminding people why your institution/program/service matters.  The well-crafted annual ask encourages people to look back on the value of your institution/program/service and reflect on its importance.  Donors make annual gifts to your institution because they have come to believe […]