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Aspirations, Angels, and Agreement

If your goal is to engage others and do work of substance and consequence, utilize the “Essential A’s”: Aspirations – help others dream and establish the highest possible aspirations for your institution or program.  It’s easy to get distracted and discouraged in the weeds of work (which is why some people choose to live there, […]


“They Are Going To Do Something”

When working with natural partners (such as presidents, other administrators, or faculty) and volunteers in major gifts, one of the most troublesome statements I can hear during major gift donor strategy sessions is, “They are going to do something.” Almost always, what this seemingly positive statement actually means is something akin to the following: “I […]


An Open Letter To A Gift Officer

Dear Gift Officer: Thank you for contacting me and asking for a first visit over coffee.  I was honored to receive your call.  And I especially was pleased that our schedules matched and we could meet on relatively short notice. When you arrived at the coffee shop, your warm smile and confident approach were appreciated. […]


Building A Culture of Philanthropy

When advancement leaders claim a desire for a stronger “culture of philanthropy,” what is typically meant is that they want a stronger “culture of giving.”  They want more people to be more generous.  From the Board, to advisory groups, to primary constituency groups, the idea is that more donors and more dollars are the best […]