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Board Members and Major Gifts

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that engaging people – wholly, gracefully, and artfully – is a primary theme.   Philanthropic investment is, most often, an action that succeeds (not precedes) other forms of engagement. Major gifts, then, begin with those who you know best, your institution’s closest friends and […]


5 Steps to Asking Better Questions

Effective questioning is a key skill of successful development officers.  In addition to being the most efficient way to learn about someone, asking beautiful questions and actively listening to the responses evidences an authentic interest in the other person and helps to build trust.  All of which leads to increased gifts. But while expert questioning […]


Answers or Questions

It used to be that answers were power.  If you had the answers, you had the advantage.  You would get the best scholarships to the best universities.  You would get the best jobs.  And you would get promoted faster.  All because answers weren’t easily and readily available.  You had to work for them. Today is […]