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It’s Not What You Have Or What You Know

You’ve heard these well-worn proverbs before: “It’s not what you have, it’s who you have.” “It’s not what you know, its who you know.” The central theme of these old saws is, of course, that people matter more than things.  The people who you count as close will have a larger impact on the quality […]


Changing Your Mind

Poor leaders rarely have a coherent philosophy that guides their strategies and decisions.  Ineffective leaders lack a well-thought out approach.  They don’t have a system that creates a sense of stability and understanding.  They change their mind whimsically, based primarily on who has influenced them last.  If there is an issue with the major gifts […]


The “Culture of Ought”

Recently I was presenting on the process of asking for a major gift before a diversified group of development professionals.  The folks in the room that day spanned all levels of development leaders, gift officers, and support team members and ranged in experience from a few weeks on the job to seasoned pros. During a […]