The #1 Thing You Should Be Teaching Your Board

If you want to transform your Board into an engaged and dynamic fundraising body, then teach them the following:

  • Fundraising is the exact opposite of begging.
  • You should always ask for money from a position of confidence and while standing tall, not shrinking and bowing down.
  • Do this because you believe in what our institution is about.  Do this because you believe our institution has something critical to offer the world.
  • Never ask from a position of lack or need.  Never say, “Please, could you help us out because, lately, it’s been hard.”

Instead, in all things fundraising, teach your Board members to declare with conviction:  “We have a vision that is amazing and exciting.  We are inviting you to invest yourself  – your energy, your intellect, and your money – in a mission that is vital and meaningful.  If you join with us in this work, you will be better for it.”

When you teach your Board this one idea, you will do more than raise significant amounts of money.  You will develop champions for your cause.



  1. Here, here! Excellently said. Of course this assumes that the organization does have a vision that is amazing and exciting, but that’s a topic for another blog.

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