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What Are You Selling?

Development officers are in the business of selling, right?  So, what are you selling? The most ineffectual officers are selling themselves.  Development folk of average effectiveness are selling a project, a building, a program, an initiative, or a campaign.  The above average officers are selling institutional mission and vision. But the truly exceptional development professionals […]


A Step Toward Integrative Prospect Research

What does the phrase “prospect research” mean to you? For most advancement professionals, I would suggest that the phrase conjures up thoughts about a process of gathering data on a donor or prospect from sources other than the prospect.  Whether we use fee-based or free electronic databases, newspapers, other institutions’ donor lists, or peer screens, […]


The 3 Problems with Fundraising Performance Metrics

Performance metrics are important.  But performance metrics aren’t the work.  Performance metrics represent a proxy for our work.  And sometimes a poor proxy at that.  Our work is not some number of moves, visits, or even the asks or the dollars committed we can claim. Our real work is qualitative in nature.  It’s making people […]


The #1 Thing You Should Be Teaching Your Board

If you want to transform your Board into an engaged and dynamic fundraising body, then teach them the following: Fundraising is the exact opposite of begging. You should always ask for money from a position of confidence and while standing tall, not shrinking and bowing down. Do this because you believe in what our institution […]