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The Outcomes That Matter

Think about the following scenario: You log into your yahoo news page and click on a story about someone who has just lost their home.  The story is a vivid, personal account of a hardworking woman who lost her good-paying job in the economic downturn and, after 9 months of no job, ended up taking […]


The Fives Things Department Chairs Need to Know About Fundraising

If you serve an academic institution, check out my recent interview with Academic Impressions’ Higher Ed Impact. I’m discussing the five most important things department chairs need to know about development work. This is a follow-up to an interview I gave them last year. Development is about education.  Sometimes we educate donors, other times we […]


Calling All Advancement Leaders

Are you an advancement leader at your institution?  Do you aspire to move up and become an advancement leader? If so, you will want to attend this upcoming workshop – Leading To Make A Difference. The Workshop is sponsored by GGTS and I’m serving as the keynote speaker. You will want to attend if: You’ve […]


Trusting Donors

In development circles we don’t talk much about trust.  We when talk about donors we focus on words like “asking,” “strategies,” “engagement,” or “building relationships” (which, oddly, never seems to involve the concept of trust).   But we don’t regularly focus on the need for trust.  There are few, if any, conferences focused on “building […]

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Slower Can Be Better

Remember the sound of the dial-up modem? “eeeee-awwwwwww-eeeeeeeeee?”  For a major donor I interviewed recently, that sound was music to his ears. During the “dial-up” period of our internet life, you may also recall that new modems with faster and faster speeds were being introduced about every 2 months.  Everyone wanted to go faster so […]


Are Volunteers Worth The Effort?

Recently, I listened as a well-respected higher education advancement leader say that using volunteers in the advancement function was mostly ineffective.  Today’s advancement shops, she argued, are staffed with professionals who are well-trained with specific skills making the use of volunteers obsolete. Even during campaigns, her position was that campaign cabinets and other volunteer groups […]