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Getting Ready. . . To Ask – A Professional Development Opportunity

There are two questions consistently asked by serious advancement professionals: “How can our institution get better prepared for our next campaign?” and “How can I get better at asking for major gifts?” These questions, of course, are linked.  Consistently soliciting gifts effectively will help ensure that an institution is well-prepared for a campaign.  However, there […]


What Are You More Afraid Of?

Setting goals and not meeting them  OR  Realizing that your work isn’t important; Not knowing the right answer  OR  Not knowing the best questions to ask; Feeling as though you have failed  OR  Feeling as though you didn’t try hard enough; Being made fun of  OR  Being unable to make a significant difference; Giving your […]


“This Needs To Be Run More Like A Business!”

Recently, I facilitated a focus group populated with private higher education governing board members.  One slice of the discussion included a board member lamenting, “Our business model in higher education is broken.  I simply do not understand why our tuition and fees are not sufficient to cover our costs.  We need to be run more […]