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How Do You Expect Me To Give. . .?

. . . when I still have student loans to pay? . . . when I don’t make much money? . . . when we haven’t received a raise in 3 years? You may think your most important job as an advancement professional in this situation is to address these questions directly and convince the […]


More Data or Different Data?

Today, we have more donor and prospective donor data than at any time in history.  From wealth indicators to database analytics providing giving predictions, generating donor data can be as simple as conducting a google search or as complex as conducting a paid wealth screen.  All manner of donor data is ubiquitous and quite easy […]


Humility vs. Transformation

There are two forms of humility. A healthy humbleness emanates from an accurate self-perception that takes into account both your greater and lesser strengths.  It is rooted in the authentic recognition that you have distinctive as well as common characteristics when compared with others.  Healthy humility is supported by a genuine yet quiet confidence. When […]

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