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Writing Contact Reports That Matter

One of the most important and yet most misunderstood responsibilities of a development officer is to write helpful prospect contact reports on a consistent basis.  Most development folk understand that they should write contact reports, but only some recognize why they are so vital to effective fundraising, and even fewer grasp how to write them well. […]


Which Story Are You Seeking?

When I was a higher education vice president some years ago, our institution was asking important questions about student retention.  We brought in experts from around the country to look at our retention efforts and implemented a number of first-year and curriculum-wide programs to help more students persist until graduation.  While we made some progress, […]


Solving The Wrong Problem

It is rare that the first problem presented in a team setting is the most crucial to solve.  In most instances, the first problem presented – usually in the form of a complaint – may have an urgent quality to it, but, represents only a symptom of a deeper, more fundamental issue that needs solving. […]