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Advancement as Teaching

Recall the one teacher in your life that made the most positive and lasting impression on you.   Perhaps you remember a teacher from your earliest years.  Or perhaps it was a university professor that made the impact.  Although I’m no gambler, I would wager that this teacher engaged you far beyond the content of the […]

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Let’s Finish This Campaign Quickly! – One Phrase, Two Meanings

Case Study #1 A president who is new to campaign work and has found that she genuinely enjoys working in the philanthropic vineyard was in a meeting with the vice president for advancement and me. She said, “I’m so excited about what this new facility will allow us to do for our students and for […]


.001 Seconds Do Matter. . .Sometimes

It seems that Bode Miller, one of the winningest downhill skiers of all-time, is focusing on becoming a thoroughbred race horse trainer.  In making the transition from ski slopes to horses, Bode made an interesting observation.   To his mind, the field of horse racing is not as technologically-advanced as skiing.  And Bode understands technology […]

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