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Constantly Distracted

Back in the mid 1990s the word “pizzled” was coined.  It was a mix between “puzzled” and “pissed” and was used to describe the feeling you might have when someone you were with decided to start talking on their mobile phone.  Today, such distractions in the social arena are common and accepted. Have you been […]


What Is Valuable?

What We Are Told To Value What Actually Is Valuable Task Accomplishment Relationship Building Competition Cooperation Individualism Teamwork Knowledge Caring Problem Solving Question Posing Telling Listening Through culture and institutions, our western world encourages us to value the items in the left column of the table more than the items in the right column. But […]


Authentic Inquiry

To fully live into her promise, a development leader’s most valuable skill set is what I refer to as “authentic inquiry.”  Here is how I define the concept: Authentic Inquiry is the gentle art of relationship-building through the process of asking well-framed questions based on your sincere interest in the other person and to which […]