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Get Better in 2014 – Advancement Webinars and Workshops from the Institute

Start the year off right with high-quality, mind-stretching, solution-rich professional development opportunities. The Gonser Gerber Institute is offering the following webinars and workshops to help you and your team do the best possible advancement work in 2014.  Below are three programs being offered early in the year: 5 Essential Tips:  Innovative (And Inexpensive) Ways to […]


When the Gift Is a Message

Sometimes a gift isn’t a just a gift.  Sometimes a gift – especially the gift amount – is a message.  Consider the $1000 to $50 continuum. Let’s say that a new donor gives your institution $50 one year and then $1,000 the next.  In most instances, something has changed in a positive way with their […]


Why You Shouldn’t “Close” Your Next Gift

I listened over the last few days as speakers at a conference talked about “closing gifts.”  I’ve never been fond of that phrase – “closing the gift” – but I’ve never went out of my way to find particular fault with it either.  And then one speaker made the following statement in reference to the […]


Finding the Car, Then the Dealership

It wasn’t that long ago (pre-internet, actually) that people interested in buying a car would show up at the local dealership and begin the process of being “sold” a car.  Those days are all but gone.  Today, when people are interested in getting a new vehicle, they first scour the internet for their choice and […]