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Giving For (More Than) Entertainment

In 2011, Americans spent almost $500 billion on entertainment – sports, movies, games, music, books, internet access, etc.  By 2016, that amount is projected to be almost $600 billion. Meanwhile, our friends at Giving USA, tell us that charitable giving totaled just under $300 billion in 2011. What if we saw it as part of […]


Principles Before Practice

Our friends in the engineering fields have a saying:  Don’t dig before you know what size shovel you need. Most folks like to do things.  They like to get results.  It doesn’t really matter what industry or profession you are in, most good folk want to make something positive happen.  Engineers may want to start […]

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The Real Value of Technology

Canada’s Athabasca University is a world leader in providing on-line education.  Because they are a comprehensive university specializing in distance learning, technology plays a large role in their teaching, research, and day-to-day operations.  Most everyone associated with AU is comfortable with a range of technologies and computer applications. It’s a neat place.  Advanced technology oozes from […]


Telling the Truth

What is the truth at your institution?  Is it what you believe about your institution and its work?  Or is it what your donors and constituents believe about your institution? If you are like many advancement pros, you spend a good amount of time and energy strategizing on how best to tell your institution’s story. […]


Be the Giving Example

The end of the calendar year is approaching.  The season of giving is almost here.  You are preparing year-end appeals.  You are making visits with donors who typically give during this time of year.  You are preparing a number of follow-up strategies to finish the calendar year strong. You will ask lybunts to continue their […]


“I’m Getting Ready To. . .”

If your aim is to “get yourself organized” before you call on donors, don’t. If you believe you need a case statement or more materials before you can set up a prospective donor visit, you’re wrong. If you are spending hours running or reading reports on the donors in your portfolio, you are wasting time. […]