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Re-Thinking the Phone Call Before the Discovery Visit

The sense among many development officers is that the primary purpose of calling a new major gift prospect is to get a visit.  The initial research on the prospect’s capacity has been completed and the next logical step, the conventional wisdom says, is to get the visit. But in this day of doing more with […]


Capping the Charitable Gift Deduction

With all the ego, all the cross-talking, and aggressive posturing during the debates, you may find it surprising that both our presidential candidates agree on at least one thing – capping the charitable gift deduction is a good idea. As one might guess, non-profit groups – armed with studies that highlight how injurious such legislation would […]


Talking Missional and Relational But Walking Transactional

Most advancement leaders talk a good game. Most can tell you that the primary driver behind giving is the donor’s interest in the institution’s mission and vision.  They can tell you that building meaningful relationships with donors whose values and interests align with the mission and vision of the institution is the most effective way […]

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