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The 5 Years Before You Raise Serious Money

Here’s an enlightening exercise: Go through your database and identify your current donors who have made leadership-level annual gifts, current major gifts, and planned gift commitments.  Next, do the following: For those donors who have made leadership-level annual gifts (whatever the amount as defined by your institution), determine the average age at which they made […]


Is “Hard Data” The Best Way to Make Your Case?

In building a case for support for our institutions, advancement professionals typically rely on one of two approaches:  a fact-based, quantitative, logical approach, or a story-based, qualitative, anecdotal approach.  Depending on the predilection of the author of the message, a reader or listener quickly can see a fondness for one approach over the other.  If […]


Interruption or Opportunity?

True story. Yesterday, a major gifts officer at one of my clients received a call from the President’s office.  Seemed the executive assistant had a man on hold who wanted to talk with someone about making a gift.  The MGO took the call.  Here’s what happened next. The man on the other end of the […]


How Do You Respond When A Mistake Is Made With A Donor?

The gorgeously designed and perfectly-bound printed annual report was just mailed.  It was a master-piece.  It was a work of art.  The VP’s pride directed him to fan out 5 copies of it on his coffee table in his office.  And then his phone rang.  It was Mrs. Donald, the lead gift donor during their […]

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