Responsibility and Accountability

The good leader is not responsible for everything that happens.

She encourages and directs team members so that they grow into the best, most effective versions of themselves.  She engages volunteers so that their passions are realized through their efforts on behalf of the institution.  She manages those to whom she reports so that they serve as appropriate supporters and endorsers.  And she welcomes partnerships with peers when the outcome is a stronger institution.

The good leader works with and through people so she cannot be responsible for everything that happens.  Her job is not to do all herself, her job is to get more done.  And she realizes that she can get more done by sharpening her skills to work with and through others – any and all others.

But, never forget, the good leader is always accountable.  If the results aren’t what they should be, she is exposed and liable.  Good leadership accept that.  Good leaders want that.  Because they know that if they give away responsibility effectively, the results for which they are held accountable will almost always be successful.


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