Are You Working For Your Institution? Or Is Your Institution Working Through You?

When we work for our institutions, we become restrained and captive.  We begin mentally punching a time clock (even if we don’t in reality).  We easily can get weary and frustrated.  We can feel powerless, unappreciated, and unimportant.  We may even feel defeated.  It is all about us and our predicament.

But when we let our institutions work through us, we realize that we are stewards, facilitators, conduits, and translators.  We come to recognize that our job is to actively listen and then to reflect our institution’s many strengths into our communities and constituencies.  We provide donors and prospects with opportunities to participate in building the capacity of our institution.  It becomes all about our institution, the mission, and our donors.

Working for your institution binds you in your own circumstance.  But by allowing your institution to work through you, you free yourself by focusing on those things that are bigger, more noble, and life-affirming — the mission, the service, and the people.

And all it takes is a change of perspective.


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