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The 3 Principles of Getting Donors to Yes

How would others describe you – as a busy person, or as a person who is able to get donors to respond generously?  There are many busy people – in fact, most everyone these days is busy.  But there are only a few people who encourage donors well.  Getting donors to “yes” more often has […]


The 7 Characteristics of Phileadthropists

phi-lead’thro-pist n. – an unusually effective leader in the field of philanthropy. In my last blog entry I wrote about the integration of leadership and philanthropy, accenting several studies which suggested characteristics of effective leaders.  Based on those characteristics, I invite you to think with me about the traits that characterize phileadthropists – those effective […]


Phileadthropy – The Integration of Leadership and Philanthropy

I have been thinking for a long while about the shared characteristics between effective leaders and effective development professionals.  In fact, last summer I expressed a few early thoughts on the topic. Below are observations of effective leadership characteristics from 4 separate research teams.  As you read each characteristic, think about how each applies to […]

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