Don’t Forget To Ask

I speed.   I shouldn’t but I do.  My work has me driving a lot and I have had the highway patrol in my rear view mirror more than I should.  Yesterday was one of those days.

He pulled in behind me and hit his lights.  I pulled over.  The officer came to the window and said, “you were doing 14 miles per hour over the speed limit.”  I gave him my license and registration and he began to walk away.  “Officer,” I said, “I know I was speeding and I need to slow down.  I’m trying to hurry to a client.  Could you give me a warning today?”  He popped his head into my window and said sternly, “no, can’t do that, you were going 14 over the speed limit.  Can’t do it.”

And with that he walked away.  I resigned myself to the fact that I had stupidly earned a ticket.  A few moments later he return with a notice for me to sign.  “Ok,” he said, “I reduced your speed down to 9 miles over the limit, so I can give you a warning.  Now, slow down, please.”  “Yes, thanks, sir,” I replied.

There is an old saying in fundraising work:  The number one reason people don’t give is because they aren’t asked.  Never ever forget to ask – not in development work or with a state trooper.


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