Reversing The Script

How do you ask lybunts, sybunts, and others to support your work during phonathons?  Does the outline of your script look something like this?

  • Introduction
  • Rapport Building
  • Make Case for Support
  • Make Ask
  • Ask to Send Pledge Card
  • Ask If They Want to Pay with Credit Card
  • Thank Them for Their Commitment and/or Time

I regularly work with clients who have this basic framework.

But let’s compare this tried and true approach with the following:

  • Introduction and Establish That This Is A Good Time
  • Identify 2-3 Reasons for the Call
  • Ask Their Advice on a Need Your Organization is Meeting
  • Show How Your Organization is Meeting This Need
  • Ask If You Can Send a Pledge Card
  • Ask If You Can Include a Specific Amount on Pledge Card
  • Now That They’ve Ageed to a Gift, Ask If They Wish to Pay with Credit Card
  • Thank Them for Their Commitment and/or Time

Among other changes, the above script outline represents two fundamental adjustments.  First, this script outline encourages the caller to get the prospect into a “yes” mentality by asking for advice and asking questions that are easy to respond in the affirmative.  Second, the ask and asking to send a pledge card are reversed.

This second point may seem like an insignificant adjustment.  I assure you it is not.  When we ask to send the pledge card before we discuss the gift amount, we encourage positive responses.  And generating positive responses is the way to excel during phonathons.

As you get started with your fall phonathons, consider reversing the order of the ask and sending the pledge card in your scripts.  You will generate more positive responses and get to the ask more effectively.  You’ll also see your results change for the better!


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